The Big Orlando brings both veteran and new acts together in this fun but rainy day! Weezer has been one of my favorite bands for a long time. 
Many go to EDC to see their favorite DJ’s take the stage to turn their nights into un-regrettable, head pounding, beat drops.  With all the craze

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The name may not ring a bell, but this English singer/ songwriter has done more for and with your favorite pop songs than you think. Every girl’s g

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The Birthday of Bass part Deux is taking over Victory Casino Cruises THIS Saturday, September 6! What exactly are we celebrating? Presented by Victory

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Eve 6 brings some 90’s flavor to this month’s Velvet Sessions at Hard Rock Hotel.  Enjoy Orlando’s only “Rock n’ Roll Cocktail Party” courtesy of

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Part of what makes Orlando great is local love of all things O-Town. One of our favorite neighbors, SBK Live, are all about that O-Town love…and this

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The City Beautiful brings all types of people near and far to see what we’ve got right here in our own backyard. For a while, Orlando has been all abo

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This week is FLOODED with musical talent coming to Orlando! Because #OrlandoDoesntSuck we couldn't fit them all in our Top 20, so we decided to gift y



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